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Biodiesel America is a web magazine dedicated to showcase the benefits of using new and environmentally friendly fuels in order to make a less impactful carbon footprint inside the United States of America.

The magazine was created by Steve Stewart, an environmental lawyer graduated from the University of Mississippi who envisioned a project in which regular people from the US would learn more about new technologies regarding the fuel industry.

In 2010, Stewart and some of his friends started the project as a word press blog for the university’s campus. Sooner than later, it was a resource even professors started using to show in some classes. This reality inspired Steve and he created a team to make a proper website.

After finding a web designer who would help him in this endeavor, Stewart started looking for funding in Mississippi, and some companies decided to give him a hand. He did everything in his power to launch the website, and it’s been growing strong since 2011.

In this magazine, we’re devoted to feature the benefits of using locally produced fuels which aren’t as pollutant as regular fossil fuels, the ones we’re accustomed to use in our everyday lives. We’re also passionate about the production of these fuels and the companies behind these endeavors.

If you’re passionate about energy sources and fuels in general and have a good grasp on the basics, this is the right media outlet for you. Beware of our regular updates and check our blog posts every now and then, as news about this phenomenon are always arising.