Biodiesel Basics – What Everyone Should Already Know About the Fuel That’s Changing America

Biodiesel is a non-toxic fuel that is manufactured with different types of oils and fats along with a few other chemical components. It’s a type of economic and renewable fuel, but also can be mixed with diesel or oil for the use of your car. Here are some things you should know about Biodiesel before using it:

Good Yield

It’s said to have good yield because it generates good lubricity to the engine, so it protects it and makes it work for longer time. It also makes the starting of the car more docile, so the engine runs more quietly and more smoothly.

Energy Generation

This is one of the advantages of the use of Biodiesel, since it helps global warming and the conservation of the planet. In addition to reducing energy dependence. The purpose of the use of this fuel is to promote energy security and directly support the production of proteins and agriculture.

Also, decreases the emission of the chemical component CO₂ (carbon dioxide) because it does not contain sulfur, and is a biodegradable product and is not toxic.

Generates Independence In Production

This is very important, since each country could manufacture its own fuel and thus not depend on oil imports that are so costly today. It would also encourage the creation of cooperatives or companies that want to manufacture biodiesel, depending on the policies that are handled in each state, but could be granted tax credits for those who want to set up such cooperatives.

energy - Biodiesel Basics - What Everyone Should Already Know About the Fuel That's Changing America

Biodiesel Can Be Made By Yourself

It’s something that certain people do, besides that you can get rid of the oil with which you cook. For this, you should have at hand cooking oil, methanol (which is methyl alcohol), soda or bleach (which will work as sodium hydroxide), isopropyl alcohol, distilled water, phenolphthalein solution, vinegar and water. Then everything is done by a process called transesterification.


In different countries, the use of biodiesel as a fuel has been increasingly marketed, such as Argentina, US, Canada, United Kingdom among others. In the case of the US, they have more than 100 biodiesel production factories, which they distribute to certain states of the country.

Biodiesel is considered a good replacement for diesel made from petroleum for use in compression ignition engines, since it doesn’t emits as many harmful gases nor sulfur when it’s burned. Biodiesel is also considered safer than its counterpart of fossil origin because it is non-toxic and less flammable.

The most important benefit of this fuel is its non-polluting effect that allows the conventional use of vehicles and machinery without the unpleasant consequence of the greenhouse effect caused by the gases emitted in the combustion of diesel oil. Therefore, if it’s in your plans to use it, we recommend doing it, as you will also be contributing to the environment and the renewable energy industry.