From Fryer to the Fuel Tank – Basic Things to Understand before giving it a Try

Josh Tickell is a 42-year-old filmmaker and author. He wrote the book From the Fryer to the Fuel Tank – The Complete Guide to Using Vegetable Oil as an Alternative Fuel. Is a book about the operation of diesel engines in vegetable oil. Here we have some interesting facts about the book:

Information about Biodiesel

First, biodiesel is a fuel manufactured with raw material, such as vegetable oils. That acts in substitution from the petroleum in the diesel fuel. It can be used pure or mixed with diesel; In some parts of the world, that’s how they use it, with a small percentage of biodiesel and the rest of diesel.

This book includes detailed information about biodiesel, and also talks about their operation, instructions, photos, and other resources that will be very useful to learn about this biofuel.


The book tells a story of the operation of engines and the use of biodiesel, which is an invention that would benefit the renewable energies industry. It also explains the operation of the oil industry and the oil that is handled worldwide.

It’s Interesting!

The critics consider this book very interesting for the way that explains all the operation of the oil, biodiesel, among other things that are difficult to explain while this book makes it easier. So, if you are interested in everything that is alternative fuels, this is your book.


This book is also a useful acquisition, since it’s something that explains how to use this type of fuel and how to make some from oil. They even explain how to turn a car with straight vegetable oil.


This book explains in detail everything about biodiesel, but also explains a process that can be done in each house to create a diesel processor. Tip: Do not do it!

This is something delicate, and if you don’t have enough experience in engineering, mechanics or another area, it’s not recommended for you to experiment with it. It is something that is treated with chemical components such as methanol, lye, glycerin, among others. So it would be dangerous.

Josh Tickell did an excellent job writing this book, in such an easy way to understand and explain everything with details. Also, it’s beneficial to alternative energy and the environment.

If everything about fuel, processing, oil and more is something that interests you, then this book will be worth buying. We recommend it for professionals who want to start their own biodiesel cooperatives.