Biodiesel Cooperatives – The Latest Mechanism to Change Our Fuel Industry for Good

Biodiesel is a project that is increasingly taking center stage among the most used fuels, due to the advantages it has, besides being more beneficial for the environment and for renewable energy, which is why many cooperatives are investing in it, some of them are:

Biodiesel Cooperative of Los Angeles Inc

It is a cooperative located in Los Angeles (California) which has been operating since 2005. It focuses on providing biodiesel services with the pseudonym B99. Its main mission is to promote this type of fuel through advertising campaigns and education. They work directly with vehicle owners in Los Angeles. They are one of the cooperatives with the lowest price while maintaining quality service.

The Dirty hands Biodiesel Co-operative

It is a cooperative founded in 2007 located in Seattle and it’s responsible for distributing biodiesel fuel in different parts of the US. It is made up of a team of 24 people, all fully trained to work with different types of chemical components. Specialized in the BioPro™, as they thought it was an easy material to make.

Peninsula Biodiesel Coop

It is a cooperative located in Palo Alto (California) that was founded in 2003, whose function is to provide biodiesel services, in addition to promoting through campaigns the use of this fuel as they consider it is not toxic, it is biodegradable and it is Sure enough to eat. Some of its other locations are in Northbrook (Illinois), Green Bay (Wisconsin) and Fresno (California).

We see growing support for biodiesel, both from cooperatives, individuals, even from the same countries. The United States has been active for some time. The congress and certain states have expressed strong support for the development of biofuels.

What is beneficial is that we see society in favor of this type of fuel that in some way, benefits everyone, since it is better for the environment and more beneficial for the energy sector.