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Biodiesel America is growing rapidly as an environmentally friendly brand, and many of our writers, who are normally undergraduate environmental law students, find different ways of going beyond with some of the connections we offer to them while writing for the magazine.

This is awesome for us and it makes us proud in different levels, but the writing process is usually cut short due to this dynamic. We’re in the constant need for more writing staff that’s actually passionate about energy sources and environmentally friendly fuels.

Finding this type of professionals isn’t easy, as it isn’t easy to let them go when they find a mission to embark to, but business is business, and our goals are still to make them grow as fast as possible. Some of our writers stay alongside our team after they’ve been offered high-class positions on different companies and outlets, and we’ll be thankful for their loyalty forever.

We’re in need of a native English speaker with a strong passion for fuels, energy, environment, and the energy and fuel industry inside the US. We offer all kinds of benefits to our employees and the connections you’ll make while working for us will be priceless through your career.

If you’re interested in this position and you have excellent writing skills, feel free to send us your resume and we’ll gladly go through it and will send you some tests for you to take. If you’re the right type of individual, you’ll be harassed to join our magazine. Don’t hesitate and consider us as an option.