The Best Cars to Run on Biodiesel

In some countries around the world, some people are trying to change the policies on the fuel that is distributed. Among them is biodiesel, which is a biodegradable fuel that benefits global warming. It has not yet been officially implemented, but it’s getting incrementally used around the world.

This fuel does not work with all types of engines, so the question arises, which cars can biodiesel be used with? We’re showcasing some of them:

Alternative Fuel

The use of biodiesel is used as an alternative fuel in most cases, so all cars with diesel engines can use it without suffering major problems. Moreover, it is recommended to use biodiesel because it is a totally clean fuel and free of any toxic component.

The key to this fuel is that it is totally clean, so that it does not damage the gasoline pump. Among the cars that can use are those of the Chevrolet brand (among them the Silverado, Cruze, Optra, among others).

car - The Best Cars to Run on Biodiesel

Old Cars

Preferably, it is recommended that this fuel be used in old car models, since they were created with the function of receiving the biodiesel, or diesel in good shape, by their engines. Among the types of cars or trucks that can run with it is the Volkswagen, the Dodge Cummins truck, some Dodge Sprinter Van models, among others.

In addition, the use of biodiesel in this type of old cars is recommended because they have the advantage that they will make the engine work smoothly and even with less noise. These are cars that, due to their old age, are not really popular among conventional car buyers in the market. Some of them have a totally new system, but are sold at a really affordable price.

Current models

Biodiesel is also used in some current models launched by brands such as Ford, BMW, Grand Cherokee, among others. Some brands have also launched car models that with engines which only receive biodiesel fuel, such as the Ford Super Duty 2009.

Other current models which are designed to use biodiesel, although in combination with diesel, are the Audi models, especially the Q7 TDI 2009. This is a brand that is preferred in the market due to their tendency for big breakthroughs, including, among other policies, the use of biodiesel.

In some countries, this type of fuel is used together with diesel (this using a higher percentage). In many countries, it has even been mandatory to use even a small percentage of biodiesel and the rest of diesel, usually from 2% to 5%.

These should be considered advances regarding these policies of each country. This is beneficial for them, since they are manufacturing a part of the percentage of the fuel sold while achieving more independence from oil and imports.