Biodiesel America – Everything You Need to Know About Josh Tickell’s Book

Tickell talks in his particular way and almost “teacher” way about the first steps of de dependence in fossils fuels, taking you for a brief moment to the molecular or even organic way in which the “before” earth becomes the actual source for Oils with a little glimpse of a bioorganic class.

Catch Phrases

Also, using hitch phrases like “let there be light,” it takes the reader into the America’s Crude history explaining how a new market was created from ships to the first rigs created a mass demanding work evolving into the nowadays, being more than just specific to U.S birth of an Industry.

It goes from the 50’s, when the first barrel was sold for 40$ to a week later for just 10 cents at Pennsylvania to when Rockefeller started the Standard Oil Company using his own money and starting with just one drill to later two, three, and so on, creating a reliable, safe, and profitable industry.

War Stories

Jumping the WWI – WWII with another funny but yet true phrase from the Oil Industry, “Oil Decided Victory” or “Oil decided the tide,” as it speaks as a history book on the reliable industry that moved the assets from a continent to another helping America and her allies.

He takes us in a fact checker travel to the moments where the Oil industry gave America profits, working in numerous fields of investment with new technologies that made drilling more accurate to the new born Oil companies, in an era that saw the born of the OPEC.

Diesel’s Importance

Step by step takes it to our era and quoting “Rudolf Diesel” who said “…diesel engines seemed insignificant, but it may in time reach importance…” more or less, and how in time with the right field of investigation diesel proved its worth being a highlyefficient record-breakingfuel.

Explaining as it was a science class, the ideas, people, and technologies which were used to improve the efficiency in that time are explicit.Diesel fuels and its acceptance in the United States of America are also discussed, alongside information about cars brought with it.

Companies Helping

Important brands as Toyota, Jeep, Volkswagen, GMC or Chrysler made its cameo in the growing and evolving industry of a more efficient car. Gas, Methanol or Propane, the fast food nation, all put their grain of sand to an industry focused in the future, seeking something more.

Giving you specs and details on how America was the base for a now expanding industry on alternative fuels and sharing its achievements with the European biodiesel producers based on feeds and nourishing on the feedstock available, Tickell seems like the best professor.


The book gives you knowledge in specific types of fuel, the money spent, gallons used by an even more growing nation taking leaps in time just to keep you informed in every step of the way while giving you details that maybe you didn’t take the time in class to listen.

We understand that even when spoiling the author’s work, the book transforms itself into a history lesson of a changing industry from its roots to the point that alternative fuels where developed, showing the time and research invested by Tickell.