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Eco Tourism in America

Ecological travel in America

Eco-Tourism (Eco-Tours) is becoming increasingly popular. The U.S. offer, due to their very diverse nature for ecological travel and the offer of the tour operator is correspondingly large.

Given the numerous offerings fall on three main areas in which there is to book some very special tours.


The “Sunshine State” offers not only wonderful beaches, the Everglades, a unique natural reserve, which invites you to a variety of Eco-Tours. All, of course tours to name with the alligators, where travelers can enjoy together with the animals a “dinner” or they can admire the magnificent flora and fauna besides. All tours are conducted on specially prepared for the swamp boats and are a highlight for every eco-tourists. Off the coast of Florida can also take divers a unique view into the deep sea world and as coral reefs in Biscayne National Park marvel.

Grand Canyon:

The greatest natural spectacle of the United States. The huge gorges are a paradise for eco-tourists, the adventure and want to enjoy an almost unberüherte nature.

The possibilities are great. You can explore the canyon by horse, donkey or a mountain bike, there are day tours or tours that go for several days. Of course, walks on foot are possible, waterfalls and rivers can be explored in more detail.


In Alaska, there are very many national parks and pristine nature. There are tours where you can watch the bears fishing for salmon, where you catch yourself giant fish with a fishing rod or where you go by boat through raging rivers. Before Alaska’s coasts, you can watch whales and of course there are numerous offers for climbers who may try to extremly difficult to defeat glaciers. Alaska is a land of extremes, offering both adventure and incredible natural beauty.

In the last few years in the U.S., the trend towards more ecological environment continued for ecotourists. Would profit from the deals, where in addition to the tours also increased most ecological houses used Anreisemögichkeiten offered by train or respected humane treatment in the observation of the animals. In addition, always use more ecological tour operator of luxury, environmentally friendly technologies in power generation for the hotel facilities.