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The U.S. produce such a high per capita volumes of greenhouse gases that they are surpassed by few countries in the world. This is not surprising if one considers the American Way of Life “holds even in mind. The American dream promises carelessness and prosperity. “Big is beautiful” was always seen as foreign exchange, especially when it came to means of transportation. Environmental protection is, first because of the back.

In an article from the year 2008, the Handelsblatt relates to U.S. studies in cooperation with the American “Newsweek” that the U.S. ranks 66 of a ranking, by using an index of environmental protection efforts was created. For a technologically developed country, the political mitmischte in many international alliances, it’s not a good record. While the keynote was positive: the recycling rate of waste increase, solar cells, wind energy and hybrid cars were in great demand. The election of the president in 2008 promising a turnaround in environmental policy. The active reduction of CO2 emissions is to be initiated by the Democrats (Source: / technology / energy-environment / environmental-news / america-blossomed, 2 6, 2008).

Barack Obama, however, moved other items from his agenda and let the rest of environmental protection, which earned him international criticism. By the inaction of the United States, the international climate summit was affected, which could not bring the hoped-for agreement (Source: from 19.12.2009). Explosive in this context is the fact that the U.S. see themselves as dependent on oil and natural gas. Besides China, India and other populous states, also the U.S. has been the initiator attributed to environmental protection. This role, however, is not fulfilled in the expected range.

was raised once again the eyes of the world’s oil dependence of gene targeted U.S. and in 2010 oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico by a defective rig. The policy put signals by those responsible have been sued.
Technology to reduce the emission of pollutants is expensive and would go the expense of economic growth. In the near future, therefore, the United States can solve by the traditional methods of energy and raw material supply is not abrupt. Nevertheless, the world sit up is not about such topics, even the Americans gone without a trace. If it is not promoted at the highest level of environmental protection, but the population reacted with the available resources and decide, for example, more for electric and hybrid cars instead of large, heavy, powered by fossil fuels slide.